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Let us imagine a society where such ideologies triumph (which is not excluded in view of the West’s negotiations with Taliban and their look-alike), a society without women, one that is deprived of 50% of its brains, capacities and potential. Gone would be the primary school teachers, nurses, police officers, provincial civil servants, – not to be replaced by male counterparts who neither have the qualifications nor the desire to work in these fields.

This is the title of an article that appeared in the Financial Times dated August 14th 2013 by  Mr. Jacob  Shapiro assistant professor at Princeton University. The author, who seems to be considered an expert on the subject, is convinced that once the US and allied troops leave, the Taliban will no longer have any […]

As the departure of US troops approaches and negotiations with Taliban gain respectability, violence against women has been on the increase in Afghanistan. A recent UN Report dated December 12th 2012 attempted to monitor the effect of the legislation passed in 2009 that criminalized recurring acts of violence against women including child marriage, rape, the […]

General Petraeus, one time world-accredited hero of Iraq and Afghanistan has resigned from his position as director of the CIA after just over one year in office. Reason given: an extra-marital affair of the kind European politicians would not bat an eyelid about. Is this about morality and the self-castigation of a four-star lover boy […]

What transparency?

On October 11th, the British government  announced transparency measures regarding the trade of imported natural resources, including gas and petrol. Companies will be required to publish payments to any government of more than €80,000 . This is meant to inform the local populations of the crimes and misdemeanours of their respective governments when they handle   […]

Dear readers of this post Please look at this The aim is to organize  world-wide campaign for a a day mobile telephone strike to protest about the rape that so often is part of extracting conflict minerals in the DRC, used for digital technology . This does not just concern the Congo- human rights […]

In Kabul today, twelve people were killed by a suicide car bomber against a van on the way to the airport, supposedly in retaliation ”for the insult of our Prophet” according to the spokesman for the Hezb-e-Islami who takes responsibility for the attack. Three Afghans, nine foreigners including eight South-Africans were amongst the victims. Meantime, […]

This is the original version of the article I published with Alphonse Maindo on Now Africa which was put up on this blog. When Aid Agencies Miss the Point: rape and the Global Marketplace in the DRC The question of the blindness (?) of aid policies becomes alarming when considering conflict minerals and rape in […]

Here is the article Alphonse Maindo and I wrote about the links between rape and unregulated mining of metals mainly used in the electronics industry (our beloved phones, cameras, laptops etc). It appeared  on the widely read ‘Think Africa’ site. We hope to find funding to undertake real research on the subject There must be […]

The news has been full of the news in Toulouse, south-west France, about a fearless terrorist shooting young soldiers and three children from a Jewish school. The military victims were Frenchmen like  the murderer himself, likewise of North African ex-colonial descent. The crime in itself is horrendous, especially the cold-blooded murder of little children. However […]