Monthly Archive for novembre 2009

The plane has landed at Kandahar airport on my way back to Paris via Dubai. As good a place as any to start this report about my latest trip. Welcome to Kandahar International Airport, it says. A stop-over to Dubai from Kabul. Somehow, one does n’t exactly feel that welcome. Could it be the US […]

In the midst of the election/re-run turmoil, far from Kabul, I began to  realize how little this meant in provincial Afghanistan, in the province of Farah where I spent the best part of a week, with Zala to work on our Women and Children’s Centre. This extremely remote province is set in a harsh desert. […]

A few days ago, I was invited by my friend Mary-Ann who has been valiantly conducting reconstruction projects in Kabul for over seven years. There’s an exceptionally courageous woman if ever there was one. She kindly invited me to stay over, even gave me her bed which has an adjoining bathroom. A bathtub, a soft […]

Zohra and I buying  children’s books in Mashad, Iran CAROL MANN/FEMAID: report and reflections on Iran, May 2009 Going to Iran to buy books for our Women and Children’s centre in Farah, Afghanistan For the past three years, my little non-profit Femaid has been working on a library mainly for women and children (and boys/men […]