Monthly Archive for janvier 2010

The Afghan Wolesi Jirga is in the midst of voting for the cabinet ministers. Three women had been incluuded: Palwasha Hassan was announced as nominee for Minister of Women’s Affairs (MoWA,  Suraya Dalil, as   Minister  of  Public Health and Amina Afzalirk  for Social Affairs/Martyred and Disabled. The first two were rejected. Through our friends […]

Human Rights Watch  published a report last December on women’s condition in Afghanistan. it is worse than appalling. Eight years and nearly nine billion dollars later, the situation for women in rural areas that dominate the country has barely evolved. Furthermore, in the past four years or so, in many cases, any progress acheived has […]

Human Rights watch has just published an appalling report about the condition of women after eight years of NATO + US presence. One of the main reasons may well be the persistence of customary law, reinforced by reactionary politics. This is an a brief article I wrote about the subject which just appeared in the […]