So President Obama has decided in favour of increasing military involvement in Afghanistan. Like everyone else, I am just wondering why.  What are these unfortunate boys going to do? Sit in the desert and growl in itchy uniforms toting heavy guns? They are unlikely to impress anyone with this new inefficient show of force- except those in the US who foolishly imagine that this is how you keep out terrorism.  If it’s to frighten the Taliban, Obama did not need to announce when he was planning to pull out. Unlike anxious governments in the West, the Taliban are in no particular hurry. They are ready to wait until the time is right to pounce right back into power. And those whose support would otherwise be wavering, will wait beside them with the usual mixture of fatalism and pragmatic opportunism. 18 months is not enough time to train an efficient army and police force. 18 months are not long enough to crush any such well organized force, especially with all the backing and blessings coming from just over the Pakistani border, from a demented country well equipped and paranoid enough to start a nuclear war. and getting millions from the US as a so-called  ally. ..The mind boggles