Whilst doing some research, i came across startling information which you can check on sites pertaining to Afghan economy. When Afghanistan tries to export grapes and raisins to India and Turkey (who are  their main trading partners), between 50-55% taxes are slapped on to the export price. Of course, this is classic protectionist policy- Iran imposes a dizzying 90% on any nuts coming from neighbouring Afghanistan to protect its own pistachios. Now dried fruit and nuts are always offered anywhere you go in that part of the world, so there is a real demand for one of the few legit commodities Afghanistan produces that are actually prepared by women. You may think that in order to help stop the opium trade, the World Bank, WTO et al. would have facilitated the export of any alternative crops from n°I narco-state? Well it’s not happeneing. It could n’t have been that difficult to put one’s foot down on Turkey and India without ruining their economy… But it’s not happening and women are once again the primary victims of irresponsible politics