For the last ten years, I have been going just about every year first to Pakistan, then Afghanistan, coming back with long reports published on the FemAid site.
Now in under one year, I’ve been twice to DRC, to lecture in Kisangani university on gender issues, on the way to help setting up the first gender study institute in the country, with the extremely enterprising sociology department. As usual, aid projects are part of the project as can be seen from the site (

This is the country formerly known as Zaïre, the Congo that had once been Belgian King Leopold’s private African back-garden, ruled with savagery beyond imagining. Little in common with Afghanistan and there again quite a bit, when it comes to rampant corruption and nepotism, an inefficient army and police, the tentacles of globalization in control of resource management and the local population as absolute victims of this combined process.

This piece is a meditation about both places, with unlikely comparisons between Afghanistan and the DRC, with thoughts about Afghani and Congolese women. An unlikely pairing, but I hope illuminating

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