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The aim is to organize  world-wide campaign for a a day mobile telephone strike to protest about the rape that so often is part of extracting conflict minerals in the DRC, used for digital technology .
This does not just concern the Congo- human rights abuse are part of the ruthless exploitation of mines and Afghanistan is on the list as well, in view of the war-lords who run this juicy sector of the economy.

If enough people join the campaign, we will try to put pressure on manufacturers to achieve transparency and thereby deserve a ‘Violence-Free Technology » sticker mandatory on all devices.
Those who refuse, we should boycott
This is organised by Femaid with Women in War, based in Paris
At the same time, we are collecting funds to finance self-defence classes for school girls in in the Kivu area, something we have already done with local grassroots associations

Do you think you could help this go global?