An open letter to the #Czech government
Women in War wish to express their  support for Mr Salih Muslim presently under threat of extradition in Prague for no other reason than Turkish president Erdogan requesting it.
Mr Muslim until last year the former co-chairman of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), with Mrs Asya Abdullah,which governs the facto autonomous Kurdish-controlled region of  Rojava in Northern Syria . This is where a true feminist revolution has been taking place slowly reversing patriarchal domination by having every institution bottom to top chaired by a woman and man.
Mr Muslim is not a criminal, he is not an assassin: his personal integrity, honesty and support of democracy cannot be doubted for one instant.His cause is a noble one, his fight dignified.
He should not have been arrested in the first place: why should an EU country act according to the wishes of an non-EU country, especially one with such an appalling human rights record ?
Mr  Muslim is not a piece of human chattel, he cannot be sent to his death in exchange for the two Czech citizens, supporters of PYD, who had been in Northern Syria to help build a peace hospital. They would be appalled by such an exchange.
Ankara is seeking 30 consecutive life sentences, which means life n in solitary confinement.

The Czech government cannot respond to Turkish injustice and brutality by acting in the same way. It is a disgrace for the Czech republic, a disgrace for the EU and the cause of democracy.

On September 30th 1938, 80 years ago  the Munich accords allowed Hitler to take over parts of Czechoslovakia, in the name of appeasement with the Nazi dictator. We know what a dismal failure that was.
Is history repeating itself with an ironic twist? The Munich accords, which the Czechs called Mnichovská zrada, the Munich betrayal, infuriated the Czech government who was angry because the agreement had been signed without their being present.
Today Prague is doing something of the kind by itself, with full knowledge of what the consequences could be.
We ask the Czech authorities: can you really negotiate with a dictator who on a daily basis quashes human rights, has imprisoned without a trial thousands of innocent people Turkish and non-Turkish, is waging a fierce war in Afrin against the only democratic political project in the Middle-East and is known to finance terrorism?
Can the newly elected Czech president, Mr. Miloš Zeman really afford to take such decisions and really pretend that there will not be  any consequences on world peace to endorsing Turkey’s dangerous policies that threaten the stability of our planet? By creating such a precedent, this  is nearly as dangerous for Europe with the rise of proto-fascist governments as for the Middle-East.