The unresolved mystery regarding Jacky Sutton’s death raises the question of the fate of journalists and opponents both local and foreign who express their opposition to the domestic and foreign policy of Turkey and its allies, including ISIS. Whatever the outcome of Sunday’s elections, the pressure on the press will not disappear and is likely to get worse

On October 5, President Erdogan held an election rally, not on home ground in Turkey, but Strasbourg, France.This was a true call to war made on European soil…The careful planning of the massacre that took place only six days later, during a peace rally in Ankara, shows that the Turkish president really meant business, as promised.

Ankara’s carefully crafted campaign has gone full circle from the massacre last Monday in Suruç to the bombings of the Kurdish villages of Zor Mixar and Tel Findir in Rojava, with in its centre Kobani which represents everything Erdogan’s ruthlessly autocratic government opposes.

Blog paru sur Mediapart le 17 juillet 2015

Le Rojava constitue le seul rempart militaire et idéologique contre le délire fasciste des jihadistes de l’État Islamique. Alors pour ce silence véritablement mortifère ?

The Rojava army must be properly armed and trained in order to defeat an enemy they know better than anyone else.

  “Upholding Gendered Peace at a Time of War: Academics and Activists Speak Out on the Shifting Places of Women in the Arab World This is Women in War’s  second annual conference in a cycle commemorating the place of women in the First World War, which will last from 2014 to 2018. The inaugural conference […]

Look if you can stomach it at the horrific images of Zarkhunda’s lynching. Again a totally veiled woman, no face showing, like Zarmina, savagely beaten with sticks and stoned … scrutinise the henchmen shouting Allah-u-Akhbar. No bearded Taliban here or shalwar-kamiz, but young men, some teenagers, slick short hair, leather jackets, jeans, wielding sticks and cell phones to film the scene. . Looking just like their contemporaries anywhere on the planet, these kids do not appear to be older than 25 which means that they all benefited, however diminutively from the possibilities afforded to them by the nascent institutions of Post-Taliban Afghanistan. Something comparable could be said for all the thousands leaving Europe and parts of North Africa (especially Tunisia) to join the ranks of ISIS. They are not all illiterate and starving, nor victims of some imperialist plot.

Clarissa, Elsa et Hayat, trois existences féminines typiques de la France moderne.