it is urgent that we campaign for the unalienable rights of pregnant women to be recognized by international law in conflict zones.

But war does not lend itself to colonialist ethnography, reduced to picturesque folklore. Not if you have an ounce of conscience between your earphones.
The main feature of this vapid display is the total absence of women…. This is why the conference organized by the French NGO ‘Women in War’ in Sarajevo held on June 7 and 8 on the these themes was so important and successful. Two full days were spent discussing everything this exhibition refused to consider, mainly the place of women in armed conflict.

In North Eastern Nigeria where the Boko Haram rule, as in Northern Pakistan and all of rural Afghanistan, under Taliban and Deobandi control infant and maternal mortality are catastrophic…the female body is the battle ground of extremists, quietly murdered with the help of the richest and the most powerful on this planet…

35 years have elapsed since the revolution that ousted the Shah and put an authoritarian theocracy in place. But does this make it the equivalent of the USSR, 35 years after 1917?

An open letter to my friends in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

For a change, I want to talk about what’s going on presently in my hometown, Paris.

I’ve just returned to Sarajevo where some of my closest and dearest friends live. The pessimism is palpable everywhere. Not a single institution seems to be working efficiently, be it hospitals, schools, universities. Museums have been shut for a year. Only supermarkets and religious establishments, principally Muslim, are sprouting everywhere

Let us imagine a society where such ideologies triumph (which is not excluded in view of the West’s negotiations with Taliban and their look-alike), a society without women, one that is deprived of 50% of its brains, capacities and potential. Gone would be the primary school teachers, nurses, police officers, provincial civil servants, – not to be replaced by male counterparts who neither have the qualifications nor the desire to work in these fields.

This is the title of an article that appeared in the Financial Times dated August 14th 2013 by  Mr. Jacob  Shapiro assistant professor at Princeton University. The author, who seems to be considered an expert on the subject, is convinced that once the US and allied troops leave, the Taliban will no longer have any […]

As the departure of US troops approaches and negotiations with Taliban gain respectability, violence against women has been on the increase in Afghanistan. A recent UN Report dated December 12th 2012 attempted to monitor the effect of the legislation passed in 2009 that criminalized recurring acts of violence against women including child marriage, rape, the […]